The Vulcan District Advance-O-Rama will be held this year at Canterbury United Methodist Church in Mountain Brook on August 24 opening at 7:00 AM with classes starting around 8:15 AM.

The cost is $15.00 and includes a patch and lunch. Registration will be through the Greater Alabama Councils Tentaroo registration system and will open at 9:00 AM on July 26. Most classes will be offered as morning and afternoon sessions so that Scouts may be able to work on at least two Merit Badges. Some, for example, Nuclear Science and Art, are all day sessions and a few will have fees in addition to the Event cost. Others, for example, Aviation and Weather, will be offered as a combination.

We are excited about our offering this year – some old favorites and some new stuff – stay tuned.

Important information

  1. No walk-ups
  2. Lunch and an Advance-O-Rama patch will be provided at all venues
  3. Scouts will be responsible for arranging transportation to venues away from Canterbury
  4. Scouts should read the Merit Badge Book for the classes they are signed up for in advance.
  5. Blue cards should be provided by the Scout and will not be available at the event


  • The basic cost is $15.00 per scout which includes lunch and a patch.

For more information contact

Don Russell


Vulcan District will again be hosting its Advance-O-Rama (“AOR”) at Canterbury UMC in Mountain Brook on August 24th.  This venue provides an opportunity for Scouts to experience some MB options that may not be available in your Troop. We will be organizing the merit badge classes in the spirit of following the BSA Guide to Advancement.  

The Guide to Advancement reinforces that the requirements of the merit badge are intended to be completed by each individual participant.  This Guide makes it clear that group instruction is for instruction and a Scout must still “individually discuss or demonstrate” with a counselor to have requirements signed off as completed.  Just as each Scout must shoot a certain score to earn the Rifle Shooting merit badge, every Scout must do every requirement to earn the badge. An entire group cannot take credit for one Scout’s score on the rifle range, neither can an entire classroom receive credit for a few who speak up during a discussion.

Our goal is not to keep a boy from completing badges, but we want them to take pride in the achievement and recognition that completing a merit badge provides. Some key points to keep in mind:

    • Each Scout must read the merit badge book and have a good understand the requirements of the badge prior to attending the AOR.  Failure of the Scout to have the MB book with them at the time of the course will very likely result in their not being allowed to participate in that merit badge offering.
    • Completion of merit badge workbooks are encouraged to be completed as the Scout prepares for the class time, but these are not part of the merit badge requirements. These workbooks cover the requirements and make it much easier for the Scout to perform the actual requirements with their instructor.  
    • The first part of the merit badge group class will be an open discussion of various requirements.  We encourage Scouts to participate and also take notes during this time and to join in the discussion.
    • The last part of the group class will require additional support from volunteers, as the instructors and these volunteers will sit down individually with each scout and test each Scout individually for the actual requirements. Please encourage your parents of Scouts to consider helping out on badges that they have an interest in learning more about, or already have expertise in. They do not have to volunteer to help in the classes that their Scout is participating in.  It will be helpful if they also read the full MB book prior to helping at the AOR class.
  • Scouts failing to provide full and complete responses to the requirements will not be passed off on for those requirements and could receive a partially complete merit badge which will need to be completed at the troop level or at a future MB offering.  Keeping the blue card from the class will be critical to the Scout’s ability to complete the badge.

We understand that this change may result in a different level of completion of courses than prior Advance-O-Rama’s may have had, but we believe that the overall experience for the Scout will be greatly enhanced.  

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